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Pros and Cons of Forest Fires

Perpetuate Fire-dependent Species Many plants have structural adaptations, specialized tissues, or reproductive features that favor them in a fire-dominated environment. Note that many of the above interactions between the Yellowstone forest fires and the spheres result in negative environmental impacts.

Controlled burning of forests can be a controversial issue.

Short essay on a Fire Accident for school students

As the fires burn, they dry vegetation around them, thus creating more fuel for the fire. Dispose of Logging Debris After harvest, unmerchantable limbs and stems are left either scattered across the area or concentrated at logging decks or delimbing gates, depending upon the method of logging.

Secondly, the author of the reading contends that the salvage logging can remove decaying wood, which prevents the population of insects that harm the forest, such as the spruce bark beetle. In fact the salvage logging damages the forest more than harmful insects do.

As with industrial pollution, CO2from the fire would combine with the moisture in the atmosphere to form carbonic acid, or H2CO3. Prescribed fire also recycles nutrients, making them available for the next timber crop.

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If not controlled, the hardwoods will form a midstory and capture the site once the pine is harvested. I could see anxious people trying to get near the workshops only to be held back by the police.

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About the ones that tells what the cause. Because soil moisture is extremely low due to the fires, surviving seeds of all types, plus windblown seeds and spores, cannot germinate until new rains fall in the area. They should be considered very dangerous and people should try to avoid doing things that will cause them.

For example, burning maintains open stands, produces vegetative changes, and increases numbers and visibility of flowering annuals and biennials.

Forest fires make "updrafts" of air like the warmth you can feel if you hold your hand about 12 inches above a candle flame.

This means that an event often leads to a change in one sphere, which leads to a change in another sphere, which leads to a change in yet another sphere.

Suppression of forest fire - integrated essay

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As an illustration, the fires baked out a lot of the living, nutrient-rich organic matter, called humus.

Final paragraph of an essay und dann kam essay genius scan stress induced eating research paper carnegie wealth essay returns vs holdings based analysis essay introduire exemple dissertation. The lightning strikes a tree which causes sparks and flames to fly and they catch dead leaves and branches on fire and then once again the whole forest is burning uncontrollably.

Cause of rains causes of forest ecosystem processes: Conclusion Although forest fires can also be started by lightning, the main cause of forest fires is people being careless. Prescribed burning, however, does not automatically help perpetuate plant and animal species because fires are not necessarily conducted during the same season in which the site historically burned.

These realities have brought about a greater sense of the importance of understanding how forests should be managed to ensure health and sustainability.

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Article shared by. Soon I was at the place. Already a large crowd of people had gathered near a big building which was on fire. Flames were rising high. People were running about confused. The cries of children got mixed with the.

Forest Fires

The history of forest fire management is a storied one, and the current state of our land management cannot be understood without the historical context. But equally important to the historical.

Essay: Remembering the forest fires – and preventing them

Haze: Causality and Forest Fires. Open burning on a large scale causes the haze. The burning can be because of natural forest fires or irresponsible men burning a vast area for cultivation. Forest Fires Essays: OverForest Fires Essays, Forest Fires Term Papers, Forest Fires Research Paper, Book Reports.

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India gate essay in urdu good topics for school essay satirical. Nov 16,  · 2) Sprawl has pushed more people into forest areas, increasing the odds of fires. Many forest fires are caused by lightning. But others are caused by human activities.

Essays on forest fires
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